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F.A.Q about: Installation

Q: Can Built-in Vacuum Systems be installed in existing homes?

A: Yes, Orbit Central Vacuum Systems Power Unit can be installed in existing and new homes without costly alterations.

Q: Can Built-in Vacuums be installed by the homeowner?

A: Majority of Orbit Central Vacuum Systems customers are self installed.  Should you wish to install the system yourself a full installation instructions are provided under “Product Support”
section.  Toll-Free helpline is also available.

Q: Does the power unit have to be vented outside?

A: To enjoy the full benefit of Healthy Home. It is recommended that the Power Unit be vented out side when installed inside the house. However, it is not necessary if installed in a garage. You may wish to consider an inexpensive Exhaust muffler to further reduce the Power Unit noise.

Q: Can you install a vacuum cleaner in a closet?

A: Yes, with proper ventilation.

Q: Where is the vacuum Power Unit most often installed?

A: Basements and garages are the most common areas for installing the unit. Keep in mind that
Installing the unit in a garage offers extra advantages 1) Noise is outside, 2) Remove dirt outside, and 3) Cleans car/garage.

Q: Do I need an electrician to connect my vacuum to a special circuit?

A: No, all Orbit Power Units can be plugged into normal house service outlets.
Q: How much pace is needed below the mounted unit to empty it? In other words, what is the min. height above the floor the unit can be mounted?

A: For the model SU100 compact unit you would need a minimum of 12" to access the paper bag. The access is from the top. I would estimate you would need about 40" in total, from the
bottom 1" or 2" of space will be ok. · 

Q: Is the piping the plumber carries the same?· 

A: No. Orbit manufactures piping is to exact standards and tolerances for vacuum purposes only. The plumbing pipe is not suitable. It may cause clogging,
poor airflow and reduced efficiency.


F.A.Q about: Attachments & Accessories

Q: Will Orbit hose and attachment sets be compatible with my vacuum?

A: Our hoses are made to industry standards in terms of fit and function. The Hose end (that fits the Inlet Valve) features 1.5 inch outside diameter and the hose handle is designed to accept a typical 1 ¼ inch wand.

The particular make or model of central vacuum is not necessarily dependent on the type of Wall Inlet Valves you may have. Most Wall Inlet Valves are standard with 1.5 inch inside diameter. If your home is already installed with standard wall valves then there should not be any compatibility issues regardless of the make or central vacuum.

Some Nutone Wall Valves are slightly smaller then 1.5 inch. We also offer Standard Wall Inlet Valves in White and Almond.

Q: What are the pros and cons of the Electric Powerhead and the Non-Electric Turbo Powerhead?

A: We offer two types of Powerheads: Electric and Turbo (Air-Driven). Electric Power heads run on ~110 v power supply from your electrical outlet. Turbo brushes are air-driven/non- electric and they operate by the suction of the vacuum unit. The Electric Powerhead needs an electric hose to supply the ~110 v power, whereas the Turbo Powerhead does not need an electric hose.

In neither case, the vacuum unit would supply any power to operate the Powerhead. If you have wall-to-wall carpeting, and in order to achieve deep cleaning and superior grooming, we suggest an electric Powerhead/Hose and Attachment Set to go with your Central Vacuum Power Unit. For hardwood, tiles and area rugs, non-electric or air-driving packages are perfect.

Q: Will Orbit hoses work with other brands?

A: Our hoses are made to Industry Standards and will fit almost all of our
   competitors' wall valves. The hose wall end cuff measures 1.5" (outside diameter).

Q: What is the difference between electrified and non-electrified hoses?

A: Electrified hose has 110/120-volt cord moulded into it for use with the electric power head. Non-electrified hose would be used with an air-driven power head or on straight
suction carpet/floor tools.

Q: What is the difference between "Pigtail" and "Direct Connect" Electric Hose?

A: We offer two types of electrified hoses: "Direct Connect" and "Pigtail" configurations. The only difference between these hoses is at the wall end cuff where it plugs into the Wall Inlet Valve.

"Direct Connect" configuration electrified hose comes with a two prong hose end cuff that plugs into an "Electrified Wall Valve" only. The Electrified Wall Valve has the low voltage feature as well as ~110v supply. When you open the Wall Inlet Valve flap you would see marking such as "7 A, !25 v, 60 Hz"

"Pigtail" configuration electrified hose comes with 8 ft supply cord (or pigtail) and that plugs Into a "Standard Wall Inlet Valve" at the same time, the pigtail plugs into any regular ~110 v electrical outlet. The supply cord "Pigtail" comes with a standard two-prong electrical plug. The Standard Wall Inlet Valve comes with low voltage feature only.


F.A.Q about: Central Vacuum Systems

Q: Why is it not practical to put wall valves in every room?

A: You unnecessarily increase both material and labour costs. Also, convenience is lost because you are retracing your steps to unplug and reconnect the hose more then necessary.

Q: How many inlets are required in the average home?

A: The main factor is that you need to be able to reach every corner of your home with the 30 foot Central Vacuum Hose. A rule of thumb is 1 inlet valve per 1,000 square feet of area. You may wish to consider your basement area as well when deciding how many inlets you require.

Q: What if my children touch the contacts inside the Wall Inlet Valve?

A: A low voltage system is only 24 volt. Very similar to that used with speakers or
security systems and it is totally safe for your children.

Q: What actually activates the unit?

A: Insertion of the hose end into the valve connects two 24 volt voltage contact points and automatically starts the vacuum. Another feature offered is an on/off button which provides a backup if for some reason your 24 volt system requires maintenance.

Q: What if I decide to move?

A: Orbit Central Vacuum Systems adds value to your home, and you should get your investment back when you move. However, Allegro systems are designed to detach so that you can take it with you if you wish.

Q: Can you pick up water with this system?

A: No, you should not pick up any liquids.

Q: Is 2" O.D. tubing standard in Central Vacuum Cleaners?

A: Yes, 2" O.D. (outside diameter) is the optimum size pipe for central vacuums. Please note: to ensure trouble free operation the use of regular plumbing schedule 40 pipe is N OT recommended. The specifications for Central Vacuum PVC pipe are: 2" outside diameter, 0.065" wall thickness.