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Orbit Central Vacuum Systems is a Canadian Manufacturer of top quality Central Vacuum Power Units in the market, and for over 15 years our products have been distributed under various brand names in Canada, USA and Internationally. 

And now for the first time, we have introduced Orbit Central Vacuum Power Units with a total of 6 models; good, better and the best for homes covering areas from 4,500 to 12,000 sq. ft., and we also have similar models in super quiet versions.

Orbit will be distributed only through our vacuum dealer network and only for resale purposes.

Our quality products are manufactured in Mississauga, ON with high performance Ametek Lamb motors and distrubited from our manufacturing warehouse. 

Today’s customers are informed buyers and are looking for price and value. They are also looking for “deals” more than ever before. If you are interested in maintaining your profit margins and increasing your Central Vacuum sales through these challenging times - we have the right solution for you. 

Please contact us for a copy of our pricelists and Distribution Manual. Please note that we offer a full range of Orbit Power Units, quality hoses, attachment sets, and fittings/pipe.

If price is affecting your sales or you are not satisfied with your outcome, then you need to consider Orbit Central Vacuum Systems. So don’t hesitate and contact us, our product specialists will let you know about our Total Solution that best fits your needs and more than that, it will fufill your “wants”.


From all of us at Orbit Central Vacuum Systems,

We look forward to doing business with you!